*This is a draft agenda, which is subject to change.*

Tuesday, April 24th, 2018

 9:00 – Registration Opens

10:00-11:15   Performing Arts and Advanced Networking 101 – (Justin Trieger, New World Symphony, USA)

LOLA and Ultragrid and H.323, oh my! The options available for collaboration over advanced networks could leave one feeling like Dorothy lost in the woods. In this beginner session, you will learn a bit of history about how we arrived to the tools of today, the strengths and weaknesses of current technologies, explore some prominent use cases and observe brief demonstrations of the leading platforms. This session is designed to equip you with a baseline understanding for the activities that follow. Please leave your ruby slippers at home.


Performing Arts and Advanced Networking

Audio, Video and Lighting

11:15-11:30  Refreshment Break

11:30-12:30   Introduction to Audio Management – (Jesper Andersen, Royal Danish Academy of Music)

A hands-on lesson about audio production for video conferences. Topics will include microphones, echo management, processing and physical setup of video conferencing rooms.

13:00-13:30   Welcome

  • Ann Doyle (Internet2)
  • Sigita Yurkynaite (GÉANT)
  • John Kieser (New World Symphony, Provost)
  • Howard Herring (New World Symphony, President and CEO)
13:30-14:30   The Art and the Technology – (Speakers TBA)

Enjoy a moderated conversation with luminaries from the performing arts as they discuss the state of interactive technology and its role in performance and education.

14:30-15:00   Refreshment Break
15:00-16:00   International Collaborations

  • Ann Doyle (Internet2)
  • Justin Trieger (New World Symphony)
  • Christianne Orto (Manhattan School of Music)
  • Maria Minaricova (GÉANT)
  • Additional Speakers TBA

Networks allow for an unprecedented opportunity to collaborate with partners around the world. Representatives from APAN, Europe (West, East, Northern), South America and North America share past experiences and strategies for producing successful intercontinental events and programs. Brief presentations of prominent projects will be followed by a panel discussion with questions from the audience.

16:00-17:00   Recording Audio Across Town and the Ocean

  • Dr. Joe Bennett (Berklee College of Music)
  • Paul Ferguson (Edinburgh Napier University)

In 2017, Berklee College of Music and Edinburgh Napier University endeavored to record live jazz performers collaborating across the Atlantic Ocean. Utilizing Internet2, LOLA and simultaneous Pro Tools sessions, the project was able to demonstrate the potential distributed audio recording. The participant-authors will discuss the implementation and operation of the sessions, focusing on the subjective, phenomenological experience of the musicians and production team, and documenting the studio management processes that were used to make the artistic collaboration as immersive as possible within latency constraints. The musicians’ reflective commentary will be analyzed in the context of the musical material itself, with the aim of gaining further insight into the effect of the project on both musical considerations and session management practice.

  17:00-18:30   Cocktail Reception

Convene with your fellow attendees and presenters on the roof of the New World Center for lite bites and socializing. Some technology and experts will be available for hands-on demonstration.

Wednesday, April 25th, 2018

 8:30 – 9:30   Breakfast

9:30-10:15   Anilla Cultural – (Delma Rodriguez, Director, Uruguay)

The Anilla Culutral (Cultural Ring), formed in 2011, is a multinational effort to extend access to cultural and educational programs in participating countries of the Americas and Western Europe. Hear from Urugayan project lead Delma Rodriguez about some of the many projects they’ve conducted over the years and how they’ve built a network of countries collaborating with the use of R&E Networks.

10:15-11:00   EaP Connect – (Maria Minaricova, Senior Programme Manager, GÉANT)

In October 2017, the EaPConnect project organized a private musical performance for participants of the 2nd EaP Ministerial Meeting on the Digital Economy. Cutting-edge, high-bandwidth networks and ‘LoLa’ , an ultra-low-latency collaboration platform, combined to seamlessly connect renowned musicians from Estonia and Armenia who were located in Tallinn with musicians from Georgia and Belarus located in Minsk, so they could play together in real time.

This exclusive event for the European Ministers, Ambassadors and high level EC officials demonstrated the potential of digital technologies to support harmonious cross-border collaboration. Learn how this collaboration allowed for the crossing of both social and political borders and enjoy a brief live demonstration.

11:00-11:45   Refreshment Break

11:45-13:00   LOLA, Ultragrid and MVTP updates

  • Claudio Allocchio (GARR)
  • Milos Liska (CESNET)
  • Sven Ubik (CESNET

Project leads for LOLA, Ultragrid and CESNET’s 4K streaming appliance (MVTP) share recent developments for each platform. The presentation will include the recent release of LOLA v1.5.0, new features and a look to the future of LOLA v2.0 and multisite functionally. Milos Liska will lead a walkthrough of the new Ultragrid graphical user interface, which opens of the application to less experienced users. Sven Ubik will share the most recent work with the MVTP appliance with a live demonstration of the technology in action.

13:00-14:00   Lunch
14:00-15:00   Local Vision/Global Impact

  • Mary Barnett (Chattanooga Public Library)
  • Geoff Millener (The Enterprise Center)

Formerly of Public Education Foundation and now with the Enterprise Center in Chattanooga, Geoff Millener is working with two public schools this semester using the city’s new portable LoLa/Ultragrid hosts. One node is at a performing arts high school and the other is at an elementary school. The music and theatre departments in two locations are experimenting now with four planned sessions together and a public finale coming before the end of the year.

15:00-15:45   Refreshment Break
15:45-17:00   What the hell was that? – (Sigita Jurkynaite, GÉANT)

From veteran producers to first time experimenters, we all have asked ourselves at some point, “what the hell was that?” This session will feature a series of 5-10 minute lighting talks that will cover various successes, failures and the lessons learned from the NPAPW community.

If you would like to present a lighting talk, please email with a proposed topic and brief abstract up to 240 characters.

  19:30-21:30   Workshop Dinner

All attendees are invited to a group dinner at nearby restaurant on Lincoln Road. Details are forthcoming.

Thursday, April 26th, 2018

 8:30 – 9:30   Breakfast
09:30-10:30   Planning for the Impossible: Producing & Staging Networked Performances  – (Ian Biscoe and Jana Bitterova, Studio Biscoe)

How do you coordinate artistic development and staging of networked performances spanning thousands of miles? How do performers rehearse when they are in different countries? How can you have a networked performance with a country that has very limited public internet access? Are physical meetings necessary for the the success of a networked performance?

From involvement in ten networked performance projects over the past 5 years, spanning Europe and North America, Ian Biscoe and Jana Bitterova will talk about the challenges and solutions involved in producing and staging networked performances.

10:30-11:30   TBD
11:30-12:00   Refreshment Break
12:00-13:00   On The Fringe – (Dan Nichols, Northern Illinois University)

Over the past several years, perhaps no single person has fostered collaborations with groups on the fringe of networking infrastructure than Dan Nichols of Northern Illinois University. In this session, Dan will explain how to reach partners with limited expertise and resources. Prominent software solutions like Artsmesh and Jam Kazaam will be explored.

13:00-13:30   Closing Remarks

  • Ann Doyle (Internet2)
  • John Kieser (New World Symphony)
  • Sigita Jurkynaite (GÉANT)
13:30                DEPARTURES