(Please note: the programme is subject to change.)


Tuesday, April 21st, 2020

9:00   Registration Opens (EMPAC Lobby)

9:30-12:00   Performing Arts and Advanced Networking 101 (EMPAC Studio 1)

    • Justin Trieger, New World Symphony

12:00-13:00   Buffet Lunch (Studio Beta)

13:00-13:30   Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Welcome

    • John Kolb, RPI CIO
    • Mary Simoni, RPI Dean, HASS
    • Ann Doyle, Internet2, Community Engagement

13:30-14:30   Technology Overview and Updates

    • LOLA – Claudio Allocchio, GARR
    • UltraGrid – TBD
    • MVTP – Sven Ubik, CESNET
    • JackTrip – TBD
    • Emerging Tech – TBD

14:30-15:00   Break

15:00-16:00   Music Technology Presentations (EMPAC Studio 1)

    • Intimate Distance and a Wide Beat: Reflections on the Poetics and Politics of Telematic Music – Michael Dessen, UC Irvine
    • Creating Online Musical Performance Environments Using Video Gaming Engines and Technologies – Rob Hamilton, RPI
    • How to Carry Out a Large Scale Distance Performance, with Small Scale Manpower – Jesper Anderson, RDAM
    • Invited guest-Tania Lisboa, RCM

16:00-16:30   Open Rehearsal (multi-site performance: EMPAC Concert Hall)

16:30-17:30   EMPAC Tour

Departs from EMPAC Lobby. **Note: there will be four tour groups.

17:30-19:00   Reception and Dinner (EMPAC Evelyn’s Cafe)

19:00-21:00   Multi-site Performances (EMPAC Concert Hall 1)

    • “Contemporary Conducting for Telematic Music,” multi-site performance with Stonybrook and RPI – Sarah Weaver, NowNet Arts
    • “Tunin,” multi-site performance with RPI and University of Michigan – Rob Hamilton, RPI

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2020

8:00-9:00   Breakfast served at hotel

9:00-9:30   Debrief

Q&A with tech staff, producers, performers from night before.

9:30-10:00   Overview of Installations (EMPAC Studio 1)

    • Matthew Gantt, RPI
    • Eli Fieldsteel, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

10:00-10:30   Installations

    • “Global Village Substrate” – Gantt (Darrin Communications Center)
    • A Server-Based Model for Distributed Control Data – Fieldsteel (EMPAC Lobby)

10:30-11:00   Break

11:00-12:00   Dante Networking: Mårten Fröjdö (EMPAC Studio Beta)

A demonstration in setting up a remote performance with Nimbras and Dante protocol. Hands-on workshop from unboxing to a functioning three-way network.

12:00-13:00   Lunch (EMPAC Mezzanine)

**Installations Open

13:00-14:00   Tour of the Cognitive Systems Laboratory (CISL)

    • EMPAC Studio 2
    • Steinway Spirio Demo (EMPAC Concert Hall)

Tour of each will be 30 minutes. Attendees will be split into four groups total. Two groups will tour one location at a time and switch locations after the first 30 minutes.

14:00-14:50   Higher Education Policies, Challenges, Implications

    • SWING Project – Claudio Allocchio, GARR
    • Intermusic Project by the Music Academies in Lithuania, Milan and Copenhagen – Jesper Andersen, RDAM
    • John Kieser, New World Symphony
    • John Kolb, RPI
    • David Spencer, University of Memphis

14:50-16:00   Co-Creation Panel

Co-creation Lab: Convergences in Performing Arts, Sciences and ICT. Co-creation Lab, in its first edition, is a research and intervention project in the framework of Cultural Ring in Uruguay. Collective creation networking throughout advanced internet is the proposal, from transdisciplinary approach in Arts & Science + ICT. The Lab for human and technology experimentation had a distributed modality, where the co-creators will be in a live connection from different countries, regions and continents.

    • Introduction: Delma Rodriguez, Central Ring Uruguay
    • Convergences in Performing Arts: Justin Trieger, New World Symphony; Tom Gorman, Coventry University; and Claudio Allocchio, Swing-project (Trieste, Vienna, Ljubljana)

16:00-16:30   Break

16:30-17:00   Bus to CRAIVE Lab

17:00-18:30   CRAIVE Lab Tour & Multi-site Performance

    • “Moving Screens, Sounds, and Bodies” – Patrick Müller, Zurich University of the Arts, Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology

18:30-21:00   Dinner at Pat’s Barn

Opening remarks and keynote speaker, Dr. Shirley Jackson, President, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institution.

Thursday, April 23rd, 2020

8:00-9:00   Breakfast served at hotel

9:00-9:30   Debrief

Q&A with tech staff, producers, performers from CRAIVE performance.

9:30-10:30   Theater Technology Presentations

Tom Gorman, Coventry University

The Immersive Telepresence in Theatre project repurposes a variety of telepresence technologies/web-based applications to investigate actor training, rehearsal, education and performance. In this project, two identical spaces, linked by H.323 videoconferencing technology, were created in Tampere (Finland) and Coventry (UK), each with rear projection screens giving the participants the impression of a shared space.

Sylvia Lane, Bath Spa University

Internationalisation, globalisation, and digital communication play an integral part in both, the creation of new theatre works and the facilitation of effective and progressive teaching and learning environments.

Marina Hanganu, The “George Ciprian” Theatre Buzău, Romania

Examine the phases of creation and presentation of “Tele-Encounters: The Planet of Lost Dreams Telematic Theatre Performance.” “Tele-Encounters” explored telepresence and family relationships in the context of migration from a sociological and artistic standpoint. The theatre play is thus based on interviews with Romanian migrants in Spain and left-behind children and spouses in Romania. It is the story of a family separated by migration.

10:30-11:30   Dance Technology Presentations

    • Maria Isabel Gandia, CSUC
    • Faridah Noor, APAN
    • Renata Kreil, ACOnet

11:30-12:00   Thank You and Wrap Up (EMPAC Studio 1)

12:00 Departure