Calls for proposals are now open closed
The 2024 Network Performing Arts Production Workshop is welcoming submissions encompassing papers, demonstrations, presentations, installations, and multi-site performance proposals. These submissions should delve into the utilization of advanced networking and interactive technologies in the realms of performing arts production, education, research, and global partnerships.


Our aim is to encourage people to think about interactive live-streaming in new ways. We encourage participants to send us (practical and theoretical) best practice examples dealing with the challenges of connecting performers who are remote but need to interact in real time. 

Our goal is to present low-latency-applications and the network infrastructures being utilized to be successful.   

What is your vision to connect people (artists, art teacher…) who don’t share the same time and space via advanced networks?What value does advanced research and education networking add to the arts?

Introduce us to your views – from philosophical to practical views.
What is the future of network based arts?
Is there a future? 
How is research on remote performance and education advancing?
The last mile –  visions, concepts and experiences in overcoming the last mile challenge.

Submit your proposal now!