The NPAPW22, jointly organised by GÉANT and Internet2 and supported by EENet of HTM, is hosted by and taking place at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre in Tallinn, Estonia.

day 1 - Monday, 12 September 2022

From 9.00 | FOYER GRAND hall


Sakala Street entrance of EAMT (Sakala 17)
10.00-12.00 | black box

Performing Arts and Advanced Networking 101

For New Attendees / Optional for Returning Attendees.

This session is designed to equip you with a baseline understanding for the activities that follow. A beginner’s introduction to the various tools that enable collaboration via networks. Strengths and weaknesses of each solution will be reviewed, as well as a rubric for determining which technology is most suitable for a given project.
Introduction to Video tools
In this beginner session, you will learn a bit of history about how we arrived to the tools of today, the strengths and weaknesses of current technologies, explore some prominent use cases and observe brief demonstrations of the leading platforms. This session is designed to equip you with a baseline understanding for the activities that follow.
Justin Trieger,
New World Symphony, USA
Introduction to Audio Management
A hands-on lesson about audio production for video conferences. Topics will include microphones, echo management, processing and physical setup of video conferencing rooms.
Jesper Andersen,
Royal Danish Academy of Music
12.30-14.00 | foyer grand hall


14.00-14.20 | grand hall

Opening - Welcome

Official welcome from NPAPW Programme Committee, EAMT and EENet of HM: an overview of NPAPW including the conference history, the different types of activities utilizing networking technologies, and what we hope to achieve at this year’s workshop and beyond.
Ivari Ilja, Rector of Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre
Domenico Vicinanza, GÉANT
Ann Doyle, Internet2
Ave Ploomipuu, EENet of HM
14.20-16.00 | grand hall

Session 1: LOLA, Ultragrid and JPEG XS updates

The latest news and updates about the current technology options for low-latency network transmissions that enable distance collaboration in the performing arts. The technologies presented in this session are meant to be used over the NRENs network.
LoLa roadmap - from v2.0 on...
LoLa v2.0 was the base from where project like SWING and other activities started from; new features were added, new tutirials are published and a lot of on the field experience gained. We will decribe the new achievements, and present (and discuss with the audience) which new features we shall add, and new possible use cases beyond the one we now know well. Come with your dreams and ... let's see!
Claudio Allocchio,
2022 UltraGrid Update
The UltraGrid update will focus on recent development as well as on the recent use cases and deployment by the user community. The technical part of the update will focus on two main topics: 1) latest development of the server mode 2) demonstrate the state of Ximea cameras support. The presentation will include a short demonstration.
Miloš Liška,
Low-latency transmissions with JPEG XS
We present a new generation of FPGA-based technology for low-latency audiovisual transmissions using the new JPEG XS compression. We also present examples of the use of the technology for cultural events connecting cities and countries in large auditoria. We provide up-to-date information on low latency cameras currently available on the market. This presentation includes a live demonstration of a JPEG XS 4K video ultra low latency transmission.
Sven Ubik,
16.00-16.30 | FOYER GRAND HALL

afternoon break

16.30-17.15 | black box

Session 2: The new comer: eduMEET

The main purpose of the eduMEET platform is to provide easy to use, secure, and affordable video conferencing service for the international research, education and art community as an alternative to commercial solutions. The eduMEET platform has been developed by the Research and Education community for the community.
eduMEET - secure and affordable Video Conferencing for artistic purposes
eduMEET proved to be very useful for teaching purposes, including remote muisic auditions or joint remote non musical performance of artistic endeavors. Functional features combined with high video quality, multiple cameras and advanced Hi-Fi audio mode open interesting opportunities for remote collaboration in scope of wide artistic areas. Broadcasting standards support (with 16:9 mode) or multiple cameras handling from 1 participant provides opportunities for new and innovative approaches to this type of remote collaboration. Presentation with a live demonstration in connection with the NORDUnet Conference in Reykjavik.
Maciej Stróżyk,
17.15-18.00 | black box

Session 3: Panel discussion on use cases

This session will bring to the audience a collection of success stories and lesson learnt using network and technology for teaching and performing arts. Stories of passion, adaptation, ingenuity and, above all, collaboration.

Tania Lisboa, Royal College of Music, UK
Lucy di Cecca, Rome Santa Cecilia, IT
Ann Doyle, Internet2, USA
Jesper Andersen, Royal Danish Academy of Music, DK
David Spencer, University of Memphis, USA
18.00-19.00 | foyer Grand hall


Join us for some drinks and light snacks. The perfect opportunity for all to meet up, discuss presentations, catch up with community members and make new connections. Light snacks and drinks will be served.
19.00-19.45 | grand hall

eamt performance

Classical music concert of a duo, piano and cello, playing simultaneously in two different locations - Tallinn and Vilnius. The technology that makes it possible is LoLa, a tool that enables real time musical performances where musicians are physically located in remote sites connected by advanced network services with no significant distortion or delay. Audience is welcome to both venues. The programme includes Claude Debussy’s Cello Sonata, Spiegel im Spiegel by Arvo Pärt and beautiful miniatures by Mihkel Lüdig, Heino Eller, Gabriel Fauré, Nadia and Lili Boulanger et al. Concert is free of charge for everybody.

Piano (in Tallinn): Mihkel Poll (https://mihkelpoll.com/)
Cello (in Vilnius): Henry-David Varema (https://eamt.ee/en/people/henry-david.varema/)

day 2 - Tuesday, 13 September 2022

09.30-10.30 | chamber hall

Session 4: Interaction through network

In this session two interersting projects are presented. Both of them intend to be participative, in fact, "Maszyna Koncertowa” (Concert Machine), allows the participation of the audience in the creative process and the second, ECHTZEITKUNSTWELT (Real-Time art worldI), allows the audience to interact with the performance inside a virtual reality environment.
Maszyna Koncertowa - Practical Use of Web Interactive Musical System
The „Maszyna Koncertowa” (Concert Machine) is an open web instrument intended to inspire composers and listeners, as well as generate a specific telematic experience of audiences’ participation in concerts, while enjoying rights similar to those of the performers. The main idea of the “Maszyna Koncertowa” was to create a complex and universal open-source tool for creating any kind of musical telematic performances, where the audience can participate in an active way. Presentation with demonstration.
Jan Skorupa,
Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center Rafał Zapała,
TelematicLab Academy of Music Poznań
ECHTZEITKUNSTWELT (REAL-TIME ART WORLD) is a multi-site VR Show. The concept comprises the development of an app, as well as an interactive live performance series. Sponsored by Perspective. Innovation. Kunst. of the BMKÖS (Federal Ministry of Arts and Culture, Public Service and Sports). During this presentation ECHTZEITKUNSTWELT will be introduce to the audience. The audience can enjoy ECHTZEITKUNSTWELT during the conference in a dedicated room. More info during this presentation.
Dominik Grünbühel and Norbert Unfug
10.30-11.00 | FOYER chamber hall

morning break

11.00-12.30 | chamber hall

Session 5: Tools for home Networks

The latest news and updates about the current technology options available when top performance NRENs connectivity is not available, and users must work on home/low quality commercial services. The technologies presented in this session are meant to be used over commercial networks. E.g. Deck 10, Zoom with original sound and CleanFeed.
12.30-14.00 | foyer chamber hall


14.00-15.20 | chamber hall

Session 6: Crossing domains and extended collaborations

In this session, presentations focus on projects that go behind music, in fact, they are related to healthcare, theatre, dance, photography and poetry.
Music in Healthcare Environments with Remote Connections and Low Threshold Music Functions
The aim of the project has been to organize music activities online between the Turku Arts Academy and the Kotikunnas Care Home. Musical interventions combine the use of ZOOM and SONOBUS so that the video is transmitted via ZOOM and the sound passes through SONOBUS. Our goal was to acquire easy-to-use, affordable and easy-to-move equipment for care homes and for musicians.
Uli Kontu-Korhonen,
Turku Universities of Applied Sciences, MUSE -project
Attempts on 'Attempts on her Life'
The proposed talk will discuss the latest iteration of the Immersive Telepresence in Theatre Project between the University of Tampere, Finland and Coventry University UK. In March 2020, groups of acting students from both institutions met using the Immersive Telepresence system developed by both universities.
Thomas Gorman,
Coventry University
BRUMA / NET is a series of Online Performances. A space that Kònic (https://koniclab.info/) is making available so that anyone from their confinement can participate in a live broadcasted event. Audiovisual poems in which different disciplines converge: dance, music, photography, video, poetry.
Rosa Sánchez, Konik theater Barcelona
Alain Baumann, Konik theater Barcelona
netart.cc updates
Presentation of the relaunch of netat.cc and introducing our ongoing projects "aaron´law".
Renate Kreil,
15.20-16.00 | foyer chamber hall

afternoon break

16.00-17.00 | Chamber hall

Session 7: Making connections

Making connections is at the very hearth of what we do as performers, artists, teachers, audio engineers, technicians, stage managers. This panel will focus on how we can create partnerships to make our artistic endeavours happen, to establish multi-site collaborations and to apply for grants and project funding. We'll be discussing some possible practical solutions and pragmatic outcomes; from shared spreadsheet or to marketplace applications, we'll be looking at solutions we can bring home and continue developing.

Claudio Allocchio, GARR and Chair of the GÉANT Community Committee, IT
Sven Ubik, CESNET, CZ
Renate Kreil, University of Vienna and ACOnet, Austria
Tania Lisboa, Royal College of Music, UK
Justin Trieger, New World Symphony, USA
17.15-18.00 | black box

SARAH WEAVER & CO - live networked performance

Electroacoustic music performance over the Internet using free and open source technologies such as JackTrip (audio), Jitsi (video) and OBS (streaming). Specifically it is a Soundpainting performance conducted by Sara Weaver (NowNet Arts, NY, USA). Musicians: Chris Chafe (The Core-CCRMA, Stanford University, Stanford, USA), Mantautas Krukauskas (Lithuanian Academy of Msuic and Theatre, Vilnius, LT) and in Tallinn (tbd).

Ximena Alarcon, voice (UK)
Roberto Becerra, electronics (Lithuania)
Chris Chafe, cello (California)
Gloria Damijan, toy pianos, percussion, objects (Vienna)
Jonas Jurkūnas, electronics (Copenhagen)
Mantautas Krukauskas, electronics (Lithuania)
Fernando Lopez-Lezcano, electronics (California)
Juan Parra, guitar, electronics (Belgium)
Jane Wang, multi-instrumentalist (Boston)
Sarah Weaver, conductor (New York)
Mike O'Connor, audio technology (Wisconsin)
19.30-22.30 | restaurant Old Hansa, old town Tallinn

social dinner


Photographer: Marlene Leppänen.



GÉANT, Anglia Ruskin University






Royal Danish Academy of Music






Coventry University


New World Symphony




University of Memphis


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Estonian Academy of Music, Tallinn, Estonia

This is constantly evolving, but here is a (mostly) comprehensive list:

  • LoLa – an ultra-low-latency Windows platform that allows synchronous performance in above CD-quality audio and HD video.
  • Ultragrid – a cross platform software application that uses consumer devices for streaming up to 8K resolution video and multichannel, high resolution audio.
  • MVTP – A hardware streaming solution offering up to 4K at 60FPS with TICO compression.
  • JackTrip – A multichannel audio streaming solution for Macintosh and Linux.
  • Nimbra – Hardware encoding solutions offering extremely low-latency 4K streaming over IP networks.
  • Polycom/H.323 – A commercially produced software and hardware communications standard particularly effective for educational programs.

Performing artists, music educators, composers, academic administrators, faculty, technology developers, cultural video producers, administration and staff from performing arts venues – anyone or any institution interested in using interactive technologies over high-speed networks in educational programs or performances.

NPAPW invites submissions of papers,  demonstrations, presentations, installations and multi-site performance proposals exploring the use of advanced networking and interactive technologies for performing arts production and education with partners across the globe.

The NPAPW22, organised by GÉANT and supported by EENet of HTM, is hosted by and taking place at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre in Tallinn, Estonia.